Essentials of T-Shirt Printing Business

T-Shirt Printing

Essentials of T-Shirt Printing Business

The T shirt printing business generates bountiful benefits for entrepreneurs, and it is thriving, currently. It can be immensely promising if you are willing to spend hours working the machines and implement an ingenious marketing strategy. You could start it off as a small business or big business enterprise. To set up your garment printing business, you must be wondering which is the equipment needed for t shirt printing.

Our blog lists essential items required to establish your Customized T-Shirt Printing business.

Tips Of Customized T-Shirt Printing


A printer is an indispensable tool for garment printing. Consider buying an inkjet printer to print top-notch images. If your budget allows, you should also purchase a laser printer to print high-quality vector images. A laser printer can be pretty costly; however, its benefits outweigh the costs.


Ink is possibly the most crucial material used for printing. You cannot generate premium prints unless you don’t have high-quality ink. There are two types of inks: plastisol and water-based ink. For T shirt printing, the solvent ink containing an oil-based solution is needed. You will require an assortment of colours – red, blue, yellow, white, or black. You can also mix colours to create new ones. Ensure that you already have a large stock of inks to fulfil different orders of your customers.


The T-Shirt Printing process is incomplete without drying. Hence, an efficient dryer is essential for T shirt printing. It helps to cure the ink and firmly sets the ink onto the shirt to protect against ink removal. A dryer concludes the printing process, and therefore it is a must-have for your printing business.

Heat Press

A heat press is also critical if you plan to use the Flock and Flex printing method. If you are in the preliminary stages of establishing your business, it is advisable to buy a manual heat press. They cost less and involve a simple heating process.

The manual heat press comes with a heated plate. It will place your shirt on the heated plate with the design transfer paper on the top, and then press the top plate onto the shirt to transfer the design.

Heat Press

Subsequently, when your business is fully established and witnesses growth, you can replace your manual heat press with an electric heat press. Despite their exorbitant cost – they are incredibly efficient, fast, and easier to use. It will boost your production capacity and maximise business growth.


Applying thick emulsion is vital for screens. It will lower the screen sensitivity and facilitate a smooth and consistent ink spread on your print. You will require large amounts of emulsion. Make sure to stock them in abundance.

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