Logo Printing on clothes, T-Shirts and Cap Australia

No matter what you’re looking to print on

Promotion Wear can do it for you offering top quality logo printing on a variety of clothing and accessories. With years of experience whether it’s a shirt, pants, shorts, jacket, hi-vis vest, cap, beanie, or even backpack, we can print your logo on anything you’re after. Specialising in branded apparel, we have a massive range ready for your logo, with a large range of colour and styles to suit your business. We also make sure all our logo printing is crystal clear and precise, giving a professional look to every item we produce.

Logo-Print Australia
Logo-Print Australia

We also offer a wide range of printing techniques

From embroidery, perfect for branded headwear or uniforms, to vinyl printing allowing for printing on more fabrics than ever before, or even sublimation, meaning totally custom designs and all-over prints can be done to create the perfect colours to match your printed logo and branding. Not sure what design to go with? Send us your logo for printing and we can help choose the right layout and printing style for you. Get in touch with us today and we can walk you through the design and ordering process, keeping you in the loop every step of the way so your branding comes out looking perfect every time.